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Research & Development Tax Credit

The R&D Credit applies more broadly than most people expect. If you have technical processes that you invest time and resources in improving and finding new and better ways to do business - you should look into this credit.

We work with several fulfillment partners on this one to help ensure you have an industry expert that understands your processes and how to uncover your qualifications.


Solar Investment Tax Credit

The solar industry has grown on the back of the ITC for years now - but really, the best benefits remain nearly untapped. Using the ITC to reduce the cost of residential rooftop solar is fine, but turning solar into a business purchase and coupling that expsense with the ITC makes it a no-brainer.

Couple this with the fact that the BBB Act introduced unprecedented new funds for renewable energy, and you can see that this is something you need to look closely at.

Work Opportunity Credit

The work opportunity credit is a fun one to use because many employers are employing disadvantaged people that qualify and they simply aren't realizing their missed opportunity.

When you can get 50% of qualifying employee wages back in a tax credit, this one adds up quickly. Best of all, the process for claiming it is about as painless and unintrusive as any tax credit could be.


Google Grant For Nonprofits

Google offers a great program to 501(c)(3) organizations call the Google Grant. They allot qualified nonprofits $10,000 worth of free advertising on each month. This progam has be essential in helping nonprofits broaden their reach and increase donations.

We specialize in helping nonprofits get approved for and utilize this grant.

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